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The Reverend Roger Whalen
(709) 864-2550


13 May 2014

Welcome back to another semester at Memorial University!

I am available for anyone who would like to meet and chat for any reason. Please feel free to drop by the Chaplaincy Office in the Counselling Centre. I am usually in the Office in the mornings (or in the Food Court), but if you want to be sure to catch me, call or e-mail first.  Thursdays from May 22 to June 19, you can find me serving popcorn at The Oasis on the 3rd floor of the UC!

I will be off for most of July and August, but can be available when I am in town.

On Sunday mornings you can usually find me at St. Augustine's Anglican Church (next to the Aquarena), doing priestly liturgical things. You are always welcome to join us there (8:30 or 10 a.m.). We have several students who worship with us, and we have special events for students throughout the year.  It was a great pleasure to welcome close to 200 students from more than 20 different countries recently at the International Thanksgiving Dinner!

As one of the Chaplains here at Memorial, I am available to any student, faculty, or staff member who would like to meet with me. I provide spiritual guidance and counselling, or just someone to talk to. Please feel free to contact me.


The Reverend Roger Whalen
Chaplain, Memorial University
St. Augustine's Anglican Church