become . . . ignited

At Chaplaincy we want you to become ignited . . . about spirituality, about others, and especially about life!!!

What does spirituality have to do with a university education??? At Chaplaincy we believe that your spiritual wellness is just as important as your physical, mental, and academic well being.

University should be a time of growth, excitement, and expanding borders. It can also be a time of questioning, doubt, and disconnection. Chaplaincy is here to journey with you through this important phase of your life.

The Mission of Anglican Chaplaincy is to . . .

  • Support, challenge, and inspire those who live, work, or study at Memorial University & the Marine Institute with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Respect the diversity of religious beliefs
  • Work ecumenically with other Christian and faith groups on campus
  • Always welcome new friends and guests

Find out about Anglican Worship on Campus.

Find out about other Anglican Parishes in the St. John's area, by visiting the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador Website.