University Chaplains

Part of the Fabric of our LivesMemorial University currently hosts four University Chaplains from the following faith groups.  All Chaplains are happy to help people of any faith.

Anglican Chaplain
Roger Whalen
(709) 864-2550

Muslim Chaplain
Kassem Abouchehade
(709) 864-4519

Pentecostal Chaplain
Nova Winter
(709) 864-4374

Roman Catholic Chaplain
Joe Mroz
(709) 864-2534

Salvation Army Chaplain 
Marlene George
(709) 864-4375

The Chaplains are currently located in the University Counselling Centre.

Counselling Centre UC5001B
Memorial University
St. John's, NL A1C 5S7

This Fall the Chaplains will move to their new location next to Answers, UC-3006.