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Welcome to Memorial University Chaplaincy!   We seek to build a Community on Campus in which we can all share our Faith and explore our Spirituality together, as we continue to grow spiritually.

We are pleased to welcome Fr. Joe Mroz, the new Roman Catholic Chaplain to our team! We now have four Chaplains on campus: Anglican, Roman Catholic, Salvation Army, and Muslim. We are hoping to have a new Pentecostal Chaplain in place this Fall.  Unfortunately, it does not appear that the United Church position will be filled in the near future.

We realize that Memorial is becoming a truly international community made up of many faiths, traditions, and ideologies, and we are always trying to build bridges with our friends in the other faith traditions represented at Memorial.

The Chaplains work together as a ministry team for the benefit of students, staff, and faculty. In an institution designed for growing, changing, deciding and testing, Chaplaincy attempts to provide resources, guidance, and support for those involved in this growth and change process.

Chaplaincy also seeks to bring a faith dimension to contemporary issues such as peace, justice, technology, and science. We are here to provide a forum for interaction, a non-threatening environment, opportunities for fellowship and spiritual growth, as well as individual pastoral counselling and support.

Read more in the Chaplaincy Mandate.


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