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SIFE Memorial


Student Volunteer Bureau

Liam Kelly - President
Preston Aitken - Exec Vice President, People
Telephone: 864-4780

We're looking for volunteers to assist in running projects aimed at helping people in both the university and social communities. There are varying positions from general

Varies within different projects – duties may include activities such as teaching an elementary class about environmental sustainability, teaching seniors energy efficiency, helping injured soldiers learn necessary entrepreneurial skills so that they can continue to support their families, design brochures, and countless other duties and activities! All activities are fun & interactive – all the while developing personal development skills, as well as your resume!


A desire to help the both the university and social community, and to make a difference! Leadership skills are an asset, as well as the interest to develop any leadership, presentation or networking skills! If you have a drive to help others and make a difference in the community, SIFE Memorial is the place for you.


Not only do SIFE Memorial members learn a variety of skills that look impressive on any resume, they also have the opportunity to travel and compete with other SIFE teams regionally, nationally, and even internationally. How does Toronto, Paris, New York City, Singapore and Berlin sound as a scenic backdrop to a SIFE competition? Our team has traveled to all these places, networking with some of the globe’s most powerful and influential leaders along the way. You can email us, find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, drop by our office in BN1005 or even approach us in the hallway on the way to class! We also hold our general meetings at 12 pm every Tuesday during the Fall and Winter semesters. Just check outside our office on the bulletin board for the location. You do not have to be a member to attend, so come and check us out.