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Memorial Ambassador and LEAP! (Leadership Education and Preparation) Program


Student Volunteer Bureau


Sandra Cook
Student Leadership Coordinator
UC 3005 - Answers, Student Affairs, and Services
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Telephone: 864-3534


Memorial Ambassador and LEAP (Leadership Education and Preparation) Volunteer.

Memorial Ambassador Program:
The Memorial Ambassador program provides Memorial student volunteers with an opportunity to represent the University at a wide range of activities and events such as: donor recognition events, advancement opportunities, convocation, special events, campus tours, student recruitment events, and high school visits. Once selected, Ambassadors will receive specialized training in communications, networking, dining etiquette, etc. The program is administered by Student Affairs and Services in partnership with the Division of Marketing and Communications, the Office of Student Recruitment, and Alumni Affairs and Development.

This program involves matching one student leader with a high school student on a Monday in October It offers the high school student the opportunity to be exposed to a day in the life of a MUN student.


Both programs require a minimum of a 60% average. Must be able to commit to attending all training sessions; be a MUN student doing courses on campus during Winter Semester.

Memorial Ambassador Only:
The nominee must:

·Be a full time student, with the intention to attend Memorial during ·the coming academic year

·Be familiar with Memorial programs and campuses

·Exhibit professionalism, enthusiasm, and an engaging personality

·Embody the spirit of Memorial

Note the Memorial Ambassador program is selective in nature and will only accept a limit number of nominees each year, an application process is required.