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Engineers Without Borders


Student Volunteer Bureau

Engineers Without Borders - MUN Chapter
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
St.John's, NL A1B 3X5
Telephone: (709) 864-8579

Coffee Club Baristas
Youth Engagement Presenters
Event Planning Coordinators
Event Volunteers
Executive Positions
National Conference Volunteers

Coffee Club Barista:
Help us out for an hour a week to earn our eternal gratitude! Coffee Club Baristas run a by-donation coffee house in EN4000 every morning from 8-11:00am.

Youth Engagement Presenters:
One major fundamental area Engineers Without Borders works in is called Youth Engagement where we design, organize and run workshops for students from elementary to high schools and other youth involved in community groups such as Cubs or Scouts!

Event Planners/Volunteers:
We run a variety of events each year, from the simplest of bake sales to Car Smashers for stress-relief to forums and speeches on social justice to rock concerts to formal evening socials! What're your interests and abilities? What would you like to learn and be a part of?

Executive Postions:
Depending on who you are and what you're interested in, EWB-MUN has room to grow! Let us know more about yourself and that you're interested in taking on an executive role!

National Conference Volunteers:
EWB-MUN will be hosting the Canadian non-profit organization's National Conference this coming year (2010) and will need many on-hand and coordinating volunteers to help make it happen, many roles of which fit the above descriptions!


Must believe in equal opportunity for all and be willing to learn. Passion, commitment and experience are bonuses (and will come with time!)

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