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Community Service-Learning Day

Community Service-Learning Day

Community Service-Learning Day took place on October 31, 2009 and we hope to have an even bigger turn-out next year. Photos from our event are available here.

Community Service-Learning Day is a program offered by I Love MUNdays and the Centre for Career Development and Experiential Learning. The program gives students the opportunity to spend a day making a positive impact on the environment.

Fall 2009:

What is the date?

Saturday October 31st, 2009

What are the projects?

Memorial will be teaming up with various Community Organizations to help make a difference to the environment. We will be participating in a number of different projects, including:

  • Partnering with Pippy Park to do a major tree and bulb planting project with 2000 trees and bulbs.
  • Removal of invasive plant species, with the help of Botanical Garden, at Mount Scio Rd.
  • St.John's Clean and Beautiful will be assisting with a variety of clean-ups throughout the city. Projects will include Rennie's River, Long Pond, as well as others.
  • We will be assisting Dr. Tom Chapman and the Biology 3300 in building a Butterfly Learning Garden on campus.
  • Partnering with FEASt to work on developing Mannion's Community Garden
  • Lunch will be provided and there will be a Lunch and Learn session with Dr.Angela Loucks-Atkinson
Who are the partners?


  • Friends of Pippy Park
  • St.John's Clean and Beautiful


  • Biology Department - Dr. Tom Chapman
  • MUN Botanical Garden - Dr. Wilf Nichols
  • Human Kinetics and Recreation - Dr. Angela Loucks-Atkinson
  • Facilities Management (Carpentry Shop and Central Stores)
  • C&C
  • I (Love) MUNdays
  • Wellness Education Counseling Centre
  • Student Volunteer Bureau
How can I prepare?

  • plan for weather - projects will go ahead rain or shine
  • bring your water bottle
  • dress for outside physical labor and for weather
  • if possible bring a shovel and pick-axe
  • closed-toe shoes are required

Who is eligible?

Any MUN student, faculty, or staff that is registered during the semester that the program is taking place.

How do I apply?

Applications are available online here. Participants are also required to complete a waiver which is available here to print off and bring with you Saturday, October 31. Please note that if you are under 19 years old, you will require a parent or guardian's signature for your waiver.

What is the goal of the program?

The primary goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for students to practice responsible citizenship and to offer hands-on experience that fosters learning outside the classroom.

Why should I participate? What are the benefits for students?

  • Engages students in their community
  • Expands their network of potential employees
  • Broadens their volunteer experience
  • Volunteer hours can be used towards VIP requirements
  • Reflection aspect gives students insight into such things as community needs, student responsibility, and awareness of social responsibility
  • Each student upon completion of program will receive a letter of verification that can be added to their portfolio.