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Volunteer Incentive Program


During MUN Volunteer Day 2003, Memorial University launched a new program designed to encourage, recognize, and reward student volunteerism. The Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) is a joint initiative of the Student Volunteer Bureau and the Centre for Career Development. The VIP offers three successive levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver and Gold. In addition to volunteer work, program participants at each level partake in activities that will enhance their career development, self-awareness, and leadership abilities.

About the Program

There are three ascending award levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Students enter the Program at the Bronze level and then, upon meeting the Bonze requirements, continue with Silver and then Gold. Each award level has set criteria . Please note that each award can be earned only once! (I.E. a participant cannot receive two Bronze awards).

Goals and Benefits

The Volunteer Incentive Program has many benefits to offer both its participants and participating organizations. In addition to the satisfaction gained from giving to their community, volunteers will receive well-deserved recognition for their accomplishments. For the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, students must complete 20, 40, and 80 hours of volunteer service, respectively. Those who complete each level will be recognized at an annual Volunteer Incentive Program Awards Ceremony. Organizations participating in the VIP will benefit from the time and talents of well-rounded university students - and with an added impetus for students to volunteer, organizations may see an increase in their volunteer hours.

Moreover, by combining volunteerism with valuable life and career skills, participants will realize their potential as student leaders. The skills students acquire through the VIP will assist them in their personal and professional development.

Like to Learn More?

The Student Volunteer Bureau staff would love to help your group on campus become involved. We can provide you with an information package about the program or we can come to your group and do a presentation about the requirements and the benefits. VIP award recipients are formally recognized at an annual ceremony taking place each spring, in the past this event has been held at both Government House and the Confederation Building.

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"VIP is an excellent program which helped me tremendously with obtaining very important soft experience, and knowledge about what Memorial has to offer its students. I learned more than I thought I could from volunteering and I didn't realize I had gained so much until I actually sat down and reflected on my past experience and involvement. VIP got me involved and, because of this, I will keep getting involved throughout my university years and beyond."

As quoted by a Volunteer Incentive Program Participant


For more information, students should contact the Student Volunteer Bureau, UC-3011.