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Student Testimonials

"To me, the Student Volunteer Bureau (SVB) is an amazing place that not only helps to promote volunteering to all students at MUN, but also helps students to grow into the volunteer that they want to be. The majority of the students that have been and are currently involved with the SVB go on to become great leaders in both their school and community. Through the SVB and those responsible for it, I myself have gotten involved in many events and programs that have allowed me to do things that I never thought I was capable of. I truly feel that just being a part of the SVB makes me a better person and it certainly makes me want to be more involved." -Justin Barron, fourth-year student, second-year pharmacy.


"The SVB has helped enrich my MUN experience, not only by filling it with awesome volunteer experiences, but also by letting me meet a wonderful group of people that have become some of my closest friends. Without the SVB, my time spent in university would not be as memorable." -Sarah Predham, second-year Science (biology).


"The Student Volunteer Bureau has provided me the opportunity to become a part of the community here at Memorial University. Without the help and dedication of the staff and many volunteers at the Student Volunteer Bureau I may not have been given the chance to take part in many events and workshops which have allowed me to build life-long relationships with people I may not have had the opportunity to meet elsewhere." -Allison Grist, third-year Science (biology).


"Being involved with the Student Volunteer Bureau's Volunteer Incentive Program has really helped me to challenge myself in new ways. As a result I've been volunteering more not only on campus but within the community as well." -Sabrina Inkpen, fourth-year Science (biology).


"The Student Volunteer Bureau has benefited me in many ways. As a first year student, it provided an array of opportunities for me to get involved around Memorial -an essential element to my university experience and future career pathway. Now, as a senior undergraduate student, I act as a volunteer assistant. This position allows me to inspire and motivate other students to volunteer and get involved like I have. It also keeps me up to date on possible volunteer opportunities, allows me to continuously expand my network of contacts, and is generally a fun, dynamic setting to socialize. The SVB has been critical in the majority of my non-academic endeavors, allowing me to maximize my extra-curricular involvement." -Michael Davis, fourth-year biochemistry.


"The concept of the SVB is the best idea ever; it provides a forum through organizing and unifying the many thoughtful students, alumni, professors, employees, and anyone else linked to the university. We work together and make volunteering a huge success in our wonderful province and throughout the world." - Laura Murray, Bachelor of Music graduate.


"I started as a volunteer assistant at the Student Volunteer Bureau in May of 2008 and still volunteer there today. The role of volunteer assistant is to help the students that come to the SVB find a volunteer placement that suits their interest and needs, and also answer any questions that they might have. I really enjoy being a volunteer assistant because I get to help students find a place to volunteer, that hopefully they will enjoy volunteering at as much as I like volunteering at the SVB. Without the SVB, I would not be a volunteer assistant and students would not have a resource to go to to help them find a volunteer placement." -Judy Miller, third-year applicant to primary/elementary education.


"I was involved with the Student Volunteer Bureau for a couple of years as a Volunteer Assistant and this was a fantastic learning opportunity for me. This experience helped me to meet some amazing students and staff members and assisted me in connecting other students with volunteer opportunities all over the world. To me, volunteerism is an integral piece to a happy life and I absolutely love it! I have the Student Volunteer Bureau to thank for giving me a passion for working with so many different organizations! To this day, I also refer any students I know who are looking for volunteer opportunities to the SVB because i know how well they'll be treated there." -Stephanie Bennett, fifth-year social work.


"The Student Volunteer Bureau (SVB) is a fantastic and unique organization that does more than just provide students with volunteer resources. The SVB provides its volunteers and visitors the opportunity to grow professionally and personally by allowing students to explore new areas of growth and challenge themselves each day in new and exciting ways. My experience at the SVB has opened many doors through volunteerism which has ultimately enhanced my interpersonal communication skills and my ability as a student leader at Memorial. I am a better student, citizen and person because of the volunteer experiences I have discovered through the Student Volunteer Bureau." -Kayla Oliver, fourth-year Arts (sociology).


"The Student Volunteer Bureau is part of who I am, and i cannot imagine the person I'd be without it. I have come so far since beginning to become involved in volunteering, and I owe so much of that to the amazing people I have met and learned from at the Student Volunteer Bureau. In high school I had a particular group, coming to MUN it took me a while to find that again. I was brutally shy and took a lot to warm up to people. it was through the SVB that I began to feel a sense of community in my university life. The volunteers at the SVB are like a family, and the warm atmosphere extends to anyone who walks through the office doors."


"The SVB has opened many doors for me, in volunteering and other aspects of life, and broadened my perspective, giving me a better idea of who I am and what I want in life. I have seen many people come through the doors with an air of uncertainty, and by the time they leave you can see new motivation going along with them. I truly believe that I have helped people in my time volunteering with the SVB, and most of all that I have gained more than I ever expected." -Marie King, third-year Science (biology).


"Volunteering with the SVB helped me meet new people and get to know more about the campus than I already knew. I hope to keep volunteering and wish i had more time to do even more after that!" -Lindsay Grace, second-year student, first-year nursing.


"The SVB has made a huge impact on my life in the past year and a half that I have been involved. i first took note of teh SVB when I participated in the ArtsWorks program in the fall of 2008. Immediately, I wanted to get involved with something that helps other students become more involved in their campus, as well as the community."


"The SVB is filled with people who want to make a difference. In my four years at memorial, I have never met a group of people who were so invested in helping other students. the employees and volunteers associated with the Bureau lead by example, showing that a life of community involvement is a happier life."


"Belonging to the family of students at the SVB has enriched my life in so many ways. the atmosphere is always a positive one. There is always encouragement by your fellow VAs to attend events which will help you develop your own skill set. The support offered by the SVB is not matched by any other organization on campus."


"The organization is well known not just within the university itself, but also in the city and surrounding areas. Other services, such as Eastern Health, Big Brothers and Sisters, Easter Seals, and more, use the SVB as well, proving that the SVB is an integral part of our community life."


"The amount of people who come into the SVB to look for the volunteer positions is always growing, and I often see students who have visited the SVB at leadership and personal events. It is an indescribable feeling knowing that my encouragement has helped someone else's personal development, or that my enthusiam is contagious to others. My personal volunteerism has grown exponentially since two years ago, and I think it is primarily a result of the SVB."


"The best thing about the SVB is knowing that we don't just help other students, bu we continuously help one another, providing an increasingly beneficial environment for everyone at Memorial University." -Meghan Keating, fourth-year Arts (English and German).


"The SVB has encouraged me to explore the opportunities that Memorial, as well as St. John's, has to offer. I have always had a passion for volunteering, but now that I have the SVB's support, I am more driven than ever. Knowing that the SVB is always there if I need help in my endeavours has really empowered me to volunteer wherever and whenever I can." -Jessica Dwyer, first-year student.


"My experience with Memorial University's Student Volunteer Bureau has been nothing but positive. With such a friendly and supportive environment, it is impossible to say otherwise. There I have learned just as much about myself as have in the numerous volunteer opportunities around campus as well as in the larger community of St. John's, Newfoundland. As a student employee of the SVB, I know that I will take the skills that have flowered over the past months and relay them to many other aspects of life, including my education as well as future employment opportunities and they will be of great asset to me. The people I have met and the memories I now have will not soon be forgotten. The SVB is a place of welcome and the encouragement of others is top priority to our visitors, Volunteer Assistants and of course anyone looking to further their own development as a volunteer in their community." -Katie Noseworthy, third-year Music.


"Throughout the past four years, I have witnessed the SVb become a driving force for volunteerism at MUN. The SVB promotes a variety of volunteer opportunities within the university and the larger community. It also provides a safe and comfortable environment for students who are interested in learning more about how to become more active within the volunteer community."


"For me personally, becoming involved with the SVB has allowed me to become more aware of the need for volunteers, while also proving that volunteerism is much more than a resume filler. It is an opportunity to enrich your own life, as well as others. My involvement with the SVB has also provided me with the opportunity to form substantial and meaningful relationships with people I may never had interacted with had I never become involved with the SVB." -Heather Drover, fifth-year social work.


"Being a volunteer at the SVB has given me so much. It has allowed me to become part of my university community, which is something I didn't feel I was a part of until I became a volunteer. I have made so many friends and networked with so many new people and opportunities. Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. It has made my university career so much more enjoyable. Being able to say that I am a part of the SVB is something that I am truly proud of." -Kayla Riche, third-year Recreation.


"During my four semesters at the bureau, two of which as the Assistant Coordinator, I was priviledged to watch the bureau grow in the opportunities it was able to present to Memorial's students and flourish into one of the university's most prized centres."


"The SVB is a hub for students of all disciplines to gather and celebrate their volunteerism. It is a unity that crosses a wide age span and interest areas. Watching a first-year Arts student and a fifth-year Engineering mojor join together to talk to seniors during midterm break or help introduce new undergrads to the university is a magical thing to be a part of. The SVB gives freely of its resources to over 16,000 students both online and in person."


"Being a volunteer and an employee there I had the honour of helping students reach their full potential through volunteer placements that they may never have had a chance to take part in if not for the SVB. Personally, doors were open for me that I never knew existed and I know it had guided my university path."


"There is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that I believe summarizes the SVB perfectly, 'It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.' Every student who walks through the doors of Room 4001 in the University Centre leaves a changed person. They enter looking to help another and leave with an opportunity that, in the end, will help them develop. " -Ashley Verge, fourth-year Psychology.


"I can attribute a piece of who I am today to the SVB. This centre has provided me with an abundance of opportunities to help my community, myself, and others. It has helped me get involved and develop many skills. The SVB always has friendly and knowledgeable faces that are eager to help students and others in any way possible to create a better and more involved university community." -Samantha Bailey, fourth-year Kinesiology


"Through the SVB I have been able to become more involved at MUN. I have grown tremendously as a person through the experiences I have had, I have developed my communication skills, and feel more comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people through giving orientations to new students, I have become a better leader through opportunities like Memorial Student Leadership Conference. Without the SVB, I would not have found out about these opportunities, and I truly would not be the person I am today without these experiences. I am not a volunteer assistant at the SVB so I can help other students get involved." -Kristina Roche, third-year Biochemistry.


"Have you ever experienced that moment of enlightenment when everything around you makes sense? When you feel as though for a second in time you know who you are and what you want to become? For some it happens on the way to work, in the shower, or some miraculous place in time, but for me, this happened during my first couple of weeks volunteering at the SVB. From my beginning days of being a Volunteer Assistant, I was able to break free from who I thought I was and trasform into my true self. I was finally surrounded by people, much like myself whose aim in life was not to improve the quality of life of their own but the quality of life and well being of others. With every new personality and special story, I was able to see what I consider the true meaning of life, volunteerism. I was transformed from a small-town girl swallowed up by the city life to a volunteer ambassador. The SVB helped me to see the light and realize there is more to life than academics and good grades. The opportunities I have had and the experience I have gained could never be justified by a grade or summed up by the word volunteer; the SVB has made my work much more than that. The opportunities supplied by the SVB, I am proud to say I have spread volunteerism both on and off campus to: the Conversation Partner Program, MUN HOPE, Students for Literacy at MUN, Make Midterm Matter, Community Service Learning Day, Fall Orientation, LEAP, RADHOC, Winter Orientation, Live-In for Literacy and the Association for New Canadians -to name a few."


"Without the influence of the SVB, I can honestly say I would have never attended any of these events or dedicated hours on end to these organizations. I was once your typical shy, dependent girl who always followed the norm but now, from working with the SVB, I am able to stand in front of lecture-halls of people and share my love and adornment for the SVB and its fabulous work. I have become a role model, a leader and a motivator on campus. I am no longer just another face in the crowd. My voice is heard and I can hold my head high because I know I am making a difference in the world. I am no longer afraid to put myself out there and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves."


"I have found what I want to do with my life and who I want to be -a volunteer. I finally see my life as being meaningful and I am more than proud to share my stories of the lives I have touched through my volunteering efforts. I owe it all to the SVB and the inspiration it brings to each and every person who steps through its doors. Throughout my soon-to-be twenty-two years of life, I have never been more inspired by a group of outstanding individuals. Their commitment, compassion and willingness to help others spread the gracious good of volunteering is absolutely phenomenal. Each reason for volunteering and each story that pushes them along ranges from one extreme to another but in the end, we find that common thread that brings together a community -a family striving to bring change to the world."


"My involvement with the SVB has been nothing less than life changing and I firmly believe that any organization (especially one that is student-run) that has impacted your life this immensely is more than enough reason to fight for." -Cheyanne Smart, fourth-year Psychology.