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MUN Students' Union Resource Centres

Aboriginal Resource Centre

The Aboriginal Students' Resource Centre recognizes and promotes the diversity of Aboriginal students and of Canada's Aboriginal cultural mosaic. It plays a vital role in assisting Aboriginal students by providing a social and academic support networks as well as a strong advocacy role on behalf of Aboriginal students. To contact the Aboriginal Students' Resource Centre, drop by the MUNSU office at UC-2000 or send an email to

MUN Disability Information and Support Centre

The MUN Disability Information Support Centre offers peer support for disability-related problems and offers opportunities for social interaction. Its members work to create awareness of disability issues at the University and in the community, and to alleviate barriers that students with disabilities face. The Centre is located in UC-6007 and can be reached by phone at 737-7993 or by sending an email to

International Students' Centre

The International Students' Centre exists to promote better understanding about international stuents and diverse cultures. The Centre promotes friendship and helps international students settle an adjust to a new culture. The Centre provides assistance with respect to tuition and related fees, health insurance, student visas and other problems that international students may encounter. Both international and Canadian stuents are welcome. The Centre is located in UC-6020 and can be reached by phone at 737-2002 or by email at

Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgendered Persons at MUN

Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered Persons at MUN is a resource centre that provides a confidential peer support service for lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered students and those who are questioning their sexuality. The Centre acts as a place to share information, educate and be a safe environment for lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgendered (LBGT) students on campus. Students who use the Centre's resources do not have to be "out" or even sure about their sexual orientation. The Centre is located in UC-6022 and can be reached by phone 737-7619 or by email at

Students Older than Average Resource Centre

The Students Older than Average Resource Centre understands that special sacrifices necessary to attend university as a mature student, and can offer valuable advice and support. The Centre provides students who are older than average with a comfortable setting where they can enjoy free coffee and access to a telephone. It is located in UC-6013 and can be reached by phone at 737-2158 or by email at

Student Parent Resource Centre

Student Parent Resource Centre is a resource centre that acts as a support group as well as an information network. This group helps student parents gain access to information that may need in order to address any barriers that they face. The Centre has computers with free Internet access, printers and a photocopier and it serves as an emergency contact for childcare centres and schools to ensure that parents can be located in emergency situations. The Centre is located in UC-6012 and can be reached by phone at 737-3484 or by email at

Women's Resource Centre

The Women's Resource Centre operates within a feminist framework. It is committed to social justice and embraces a diversity of culture, ethnicity, class, religion, race, age, size, gender and sexuality. The Centre offers an extensive academic resource library, workshops and training programs, crisis intervention and empathetic personal support, and free products (condoms, lubricant, pads). The Centre is located in UC-6020 and can be reached by phone at 737-4366 or by email at