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Discover where your SCIENCE degree can take you...

ScienceM@tters: Career Panel and Speed Networking Social!
Nov. 27, 5pm-7pm; University Centre, Room UC 3018

Interested in learning where your science degree can take you? This event is a great opportunity to practice your skills by socializing with science alumni with various backgrounds working in the industry and the community

Panel: What Can I do with a Science Degree? Our panel of science alumni working in industry and the community will discuss the value of their science degree and how it has helped them with their various career paths. (5pm- 6pm)

Speed Networking Social: Students and alumni will meet and discuss each others background and gain and gain advice about how a science degree can pave the way for success in a varierty of employment directions. (5pm-6pm)

Space is limited. If you would like to register for this event, please email:

Are you uncertain about making a career decision? Do you know how to market yourself and your science degree to prospective employers?

Career Development and Experiential Learning is here to help you along the way and ease the transition to your desired career path.

Career Development Coordinator (Science): Career Development and Experiential Learning, in partnership with the Faculty of Science employs a Science Career Development Coordinator. This role is designed to help science students and alumni with career exploration, facilitate career-related workshops, assist with job search and educate about work and volunteer experience available on campus. If you would like to avail of any of these services contact Kristen Roberts or

 Career Cruising: ( is an advanced career development tool to help you gain quick access to career relevant information. Some of the features within Career Cruising include:

  • access to colleges and universities
  • close to 500 Canadian focused career profiles, each containing two multimedia interviews
  • an interest assessment tool with a skills assessment
  • personal portfolio tool with a built-in résumé builder.

Please contact Career Development & Experiential Learning for the USERNAME and PASSWORD at or call (709) 864-2033.