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SPRING SEMESTER: MUCEP WEEK is May 10 - 14, 2010. Please check back for posted positions.

Memorial's Undergraduate Career Experience Program (MUCEP) is an on-campus employment program for undergraduate students aimed at providing job experience.

Documenting learning:

MUCEP has an integrated experiential component to document learning.

The procedure for the MUCEP experiential learning component is as follows:

1. Complete sections 1 & 4 of the Learning and Reflection Agreement by the end of the first week of the placement and keep this on file for submittal at the end of the semester.

2. Complete sections 2, 3, & 4 of the Learning and Reflection Agreement by the last day of class in the current semester and return to Kathleen Wall, Centre for Career Development, UC-4002.

How can I apply for a MUCEP position?

MUCEP jobs are posted on this site during MUCEP Week (the first full week of classes each semester).

  • Review the job descriptions and select the positions which interest you.
  • Print a copy of your résumé for each position you wish to apply to and record the MUCEP Job Number from the job and your Student Number in the top right-hand corner of your résumé. Attaching a cover letter is optional. To expedite our administrative process, please do not submit your résumé in an envelope.
  • Complete a MUCEP Agreement Form (form downloadable top right hand corner..or sign when you drop off your resumes )
  • Submit your résumés and MUCEP Agreement Form to the Centre for Career Development.


Number of positions Maximum
number of hours
Funding provided
to students
1 80 $832
1 40 $416
2 40 each $832

Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a MUCEP position:

  • be an undergraduate student
  • be registered in at least 3 credit courses (1 credit course in spring)
  • have at least a 60% cumulative average or a 60% average in the last 10 courses (note: first year students can apply because they would have meet the criteria of 60% cumulative average. The admission requirement is 70%).
  • agree to hold no more than 1 MUCEP position at 80 hours at $832 or 2 MUCEP positions at 40 hours at $416 each.

Contact us:

For further information, please contact (709) 737-3445 or kwall at or visit the Centre for Career Development, UC-4002.