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Faculty ePortfolio

What is an ePortfolio?How to Access Your ePortfolioTypes of ePortfolios

SupportMaintaining Your ePortfolio

The faculty ePortfolio provides an electronic version of the traditional paper-based teaching portfolio, or dossier, used to document teaching, research, community contributions and awards as part of the promotion and tenure process. The ePortfolio can also house a collection of material for applications for awards such as those at Memorial University. Faculty can also use ePortfolio to compile requirements for:

  • Research proposals or ongoing research
  • Presentations
  • Special projects
  • Funding applications
  • Information or research to be shared with students and colleages

The ePortfolio can be customized to meet the individual or faculty’s needs. Those interested in starting an ePortfolio could start with some of the material presented below.

What goes in my faculty ePortfolio?

  • Teaching philosophy
  • Teaching strategies
  • Professional development
  • Teaching reflections
  • Courses taught
  • Evaluations
  • Courses developed/designed
  • Innovative practices
  • Course syllabi
  • Awards
  • Research
  • Publications