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Professional/Career ePortfolio

What is an ePortfolio?How to Access Your ePortfolioTypes of ePortfolios

SupportMaintaining Your ePortfolio

A professional or career ePortfolio can be prepared so that you have a central location to store and demonstrate your skills and experiences to your employer, potential employer or colleagues. The ePortfolio can be used to track all your job progress, professional development, volunteer experience and any other achievements or accomplishments which can facilitate performance reviews, promotions, job applications and interviews. The documents, or artifacts and reflections in your ePortfolio, can be used to prepare a presentation which can be used as part of the job search and interview process. You can also share various artifacts that illustrate your talents and strengths with perspective employers.

Students who use an ePortfolio to store their achievements and experiences and their reflections on learning will find it easy to start on their career portfolio.

What goes in my professional or career ePortfolio?

  • Personal/career statement/goals
  • Resumes
  • Cover letters
  • Certificates—degrees, diplomas, certificates, awards
  • Transcripts
  • Academic accomplishments
  • Research reports
  • Journal articles
  • Awards/Bursaries
  • Writing samples
  • Exemplary work
  • Reflections
  • Reports
  • Projects—descriptions, results, summaries of projects as a student or employee
  • New clippings
  • Presentations