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Memorial University’s Distance Education Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS) in partnership with the Department of Career Development & Experiential Learning now offers ePortfolio to the resources that are available to students, faculty and staff. Whether you are a distance or on campus student, a faculty or staff member, this new tool can benefit you.

What is an ePortfolio?

A portfolio is widely known as a way to collect and document academic achievement in courses and programs, to document skills in areas such as arts and communications, to prepare for a job search or for career advancement, and for faculty members to use as part of the teaching dossier for promotion and tenure.

An electronic portfolio, commonly referred to as ePortfolio, is now taking the place of the traditional paper based portfolios. There are varied definitions of an electronic portfolio and Memorial University has adopted its own.

An ePortfolio is:

a collection or aggregation of digital resources that captures and stores online the experiences, progress and achievement of individuals throughout a series of activities such as academic programs, experiential learning or career development that is presented or shared with a specifically selected audience. ePortfolios are often accompanied by a reflective component.

The diagram below illustrates the ePortfolio process.


Memorial University’s Desire2Learn (D2L) learning management system includes the ePortfolio component so students, faculty and staff have access to this new feature through their D2L account.

To view a tutorial on how to set up your ePortfolio, click here to visit the Technologies Resources page that was produced by DELTS.