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Service learning

Service learning provides students opportunities for enhanced learning. Significant personal, academic and career development outcomes can result from this model. These include career goal clarification and decision making, the development of employability skills and increased confidence. This model increases awareness of societal issues and the importance of active community participation. It provides opportunities to apply classroom learning. In doing so, it heightens awareness of diversity in our communities and can develop leadership competencies. It is a creative way to help prepare students for social responsibility and citizenship.

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Make Midterm Matter: Spring 2009

The Spring Semester Make Midterm Matter was held on Wednesday, June 24. Ten participants involved themselves in collaboration with Friends of Pippy Park and the Pippy Park Commission to identify potential park areas for future agricultural use. All involved in this project benefited from the opporunity to enhance skills such as: Team Work; Leadership, and Communication. In addition, participants gained practical knowledge of soil sampling, surveying and conditions conducive to agricultural success. Volunteers became aware of safe and effective practices to improve local food security.

Make Midterm Matter: Fall 2009

During the Fall Semester, Make Midterm Matter is scheduled for October 13 and 14th. Check back for details!

If you are interested in registering for this event, please click here to download registration form and an event waiver or visit the Student Volunteer Bureau at UC-4001A or contact Kim Kelly at or 864-2607. More information is also available by visiting


"By doing this type of volunteer work, we realize the importance of integrating seniors in our societies. The way we see seniors now unless we change it for better is the way young people will see us in 30 or 40 years, nothing will change unless we understand that no matter our age, young or old, we are all human beings that laugh and cry and want to be happy which is the reason of being alive".

Sergio De Leon


Community Service-Learning Day: Update to follow

Join hundreds of students for the annual Community Service-Learning Day. This key event for I ♥ MUNdays, encourages students, faculty and staff to serve their community through environmental projects. This year projects will involve beach clean-ups, tree and bulb planting and other environmental clean-up projects to make our environment a cleaner, greener place to live. This event is an excellent way to interact with students outside the classroom and serve the community. Faculty and staff are also needed to facilitate reflection for participants. The event will be followed by a BBQ and the Closing Ceremonies for MUNdays. Pull up your sleeves and get involved. Together we can make a difference. If you are interested in registering for this event, please visit the Student Volunteer Bureau at UC-4001A or contact Penny Cofield at or 864-2607.