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Resumes and Cover Letters

What is a Resume and when do I use it?

  • Used for job search & usually 1-2 pages
  • Provides an overview of your experiences to date (education, work experience, volunteering, skills, interests, hobbies)

Resources to help develop your resume:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing Guide - Explains how to develop a resume and cover letter & gives examples to help you understand the different sections
  • Action Verbs: How do you describe your work or volunteer experience? These verbs will help you design your sections and describe your duties
  • Handout on Resumés and Cover Letters

 Resume Critique

If you are a Memorial student or alumni and would like your resumé critiqued please email Our goal is to have your resumé back to you within two business days.

You can also meet with a Career Advisor to discuss how to ensure you look your best on paper. Book an appointment here or drop by Career Development (UC-4002) for assistance from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Research has shown that employers, on average, give a resumé and cover letter only 10-15 seconds of attention so you can't afford to miss out!