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Résumé checklist

First Impression

Is the layout of your résumé…

  • appealing to the reader?
  • easy to follow?
  • neat, tidy and professional looking?


Does the contact information section of your résumé include…

  • name clearly presented at the top?
  • permanent address (and temporary if necessary)?
  • a telephone number where you can be reached during business hours?
  • an e-mail address that is checked frequently?

Does the education section of your résumé include...

  • list of degrees or relevant higher education including program in which you are currently enrolled with date (or anticipated date) of graduation?
  • major, minor, and/or area(s) of concentration or interest?

Does the experience section of your résumé include…

  • all relevant paid, volunteer, extracurricular, intern, or co-op experience?
  • descriptions of work using clear statements and strong action verbs?
  • specific examples of skills gained from previous experience?

Does the interests and achievements section of your résumé include…

  • list of all memberships in professional associations and societies?
  • names of organizations, and role or involvement?

Does the skills section of your résumé include…

  • a list of relevant training and certifications?
  • any notable ability in foreign languages (written and/or spoken)?
  • a list of technical skills and computer proficiency?

General presentation

Does your résumé…

  • highlight most relevant information?
  • consist of no more than two pages?
  • demonstrate ability to do the job?
  • use action verbs to begin phrases?
  • emphasize achievements, contributions, and relevant skills?
  • have any grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors? It shouldn’t.

Final check

Has your résumé been proofread by someone other than yourself?

You are welcome to drop off your résumé at the Centre for Career Development or e-mail it to cdel at to be reviewed by our staff.