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Online career sessions: Helping you with your job search

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Résumés & Cover Letters:
Marketing your skills and preparing your résumé for the web

If you are engaged in a virtual job search, this workshop may be for you. Login to E-live and discover how to better market yourself in a virtual environment. Learn cover letter writing techniques and how to create a skills-based résumé that will highlight your unique skillset. Discover how best to prepare your documents for application online.

Technical requirements:

You will need access to a computer with a soundcard, microphone and headset or speakers to participate in the session. To prepare for the first session, you are encouraged to visit the Elluminate Live Support site ( to verify that your computer contains the correct software, Java Web Start, to run Elluminate Live. If it does not, install this software following the step-by-step instructions provided on the site.

Note: You will only need to install this software once on each computer used to access Elluminate Live.

A demo session is available, as well a reference guides below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. The Reader is free and can be downloaded from




You will receive confirmation of your registration via email. At this time you will be given a link to enter the Elluminate Live classroom, as well as the login and password to use.