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Student Work and Service Program for Non Parent Students

NON Parent Students not eligible for this employment program during the Fall or Winter Semester.

*Definition of a non-parent student:
You are a student attending Memorial University and you have no dependents (children).

Important Message regarding Vouchers:

Vouchers cannot be used to pay an existing debt. They are to be used to pay for future tuition costs.

What is the SWASP Program?

The Student Work and Service Program (SWASP), funded by the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, was designed to reduce the debt load of student parents, and to offer a valuable work opportunity where learned skills could be put to use and new ones strengthened.

What SWASP offers participants?
• A valuable work experience, applicable to their program of study and career objectives

• A tuition credit

• An opportunity to network; and to strengthen and develop skills

• Personal and professional development through workshops offered on résumé, cover letter writing; interview tips; job search/networking; and more!

I am not a student parent, am I eligible to participate in this program?
Non- Parent Students are eligible to participate in this program during the Spring Semester only. During Fall & Winter Semesters, it is reserved for student parents only; however, if additional funding is made available, we will extend it to non-student parents during these two semesters

Are all the program options available to me?
Non-parent Students are only eligible for the 260 hours option. Applications received from non-student parents will not be considered for the 100 hour option or the 520 hour option.

Do I need to meet a certain criteria for this program?

Non-parent Students must meet the following criteria to be considered:

• Be enrolled part-time during the Spring Semester or not currently enrolled during Spring but plan to enroll in a future semester; and students who previously attended Memorial and have stated their intention to return.

• Please note that student parents receive priority. Funding will be granted at the discretion of the Program Coordinator and the Director of Career Development and Experiential Learning.

How can I apply?

Applications for the SWASP program are available at the Centre for Career Development (UC-4002) and on our website. All sections of the application must be completed. Incorrect or missing information could impact the selection process.

What positions are available?

The onus is on the student to find a sponsor who will provide a career-related SWASP placement. Positions are restricted to employment within Memorial University. The SWASP Co-ordinator can provide assistance to students in seeking out and securing a placement.

When are applications due?

During the Spring 2014 Semester, the deadline date has been set for May 20, 2014 - pending government funding.

When can I start work?

Please note that securing a sponsor does not automatically mean that your placement will be approved. Therefore, students should not start working hours in a placement until they receive confirmation from the SWASP Coordinator that their placement has been approved.

What is the experiential learning component?

In August 2001, a review was conducted on experiential opportunities at Memorial including SWASP. One of the key recommendations suggested "developing a meaningful set of goals for each workservice program that encompasses student transition to work and employability skill development"
(Sharpe, Dwyer, & Pidgeon, 2001, P.199). The report also stipulated that while on-the-job work experience was beneficial, students need to reflect on their SWASP experience in order to internalize the information and then be able to apply it to future employment situations. Therefore, as Memorial moves toward a Living, Learning campus, Career Development and Experiential Learning has enhanced SWASP by incorporating an experiential learning component to the program.

The procedure for the SWASP experiential learning requirement is as follows:

1. Complete sections 1 & 4 of the Learning and Reflection Agreement by the end of the first week of the placement and keep this on file for submission at the end of the semester.

2. Complete sections 2, 3, & 4 of the Learning and Reflection Agreement by the last day of class in the current semester and return to UC-4002.

Contact us:
For further information, please contact the SWASP Co-ordinator at (709) 864-3445, kwall at, or visit the Centre for Career Development, UC-4002.