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Make Midterm Matter

Make Midterm Matter Fall 2010 registration is currently open. If you want to find out about the projects or sign up check out the website by clicking here.

Make Midterm Matter:
Make Midterm Matter is an award winning program offered by the Centre for Career Development and Experiential Learning during the fall and winter semesters for currently enrolled MUN students. The program gives students the opportunity to spend a day during their midterm break volunteering for various organizations throughout the city.

Fall 2009:

Waiver for participating students is available here. The waiver must be completed and handed in at the Student Volunteer Bureau or brought on the day attending.

What are the dates?

Monday, October 12 and Tuesday, October 13. You have the option of choosing one day or the other - which ever day is more convenient for you. This year's theme is Food Security.

What are the projects?

Food security projects for this semester will involve a lot of physical labor and are mostly outside with projects going ahead rain or shine.

  • preparing and clearing land for community food garden
  • assisting with preparation of thanksgiving dinner at Gathering Place
  • building raised beds at Rabbittown Community Food Garden
  • assisting with Safer Soil gardening projects

Who are the Partners?


  • FEASt
  • Rabbittown Community Food Garden
  • Safer Soil
  • The Gathering Place


  • Career Development and Experiential Learning
  • Human Kinetics and Recreation - Dr.Angela Loucks-Atkinson(Faculty Advisor)
  • Geography Department - Dr. Trevor Bell(Presenter)
  • Faculty of Medicine/Faculty of Science - Dr. Barbara Roebothan(Presenter)
  • Student Volunteer Bureau
  • Faculty of Arts/ArtsWorks
  • Facilities Management

Nutrition Sponsors:

  • Chartwells
  • St. Augustine's Anglican Church

How can I prepare?

  • plan for weather - projects will go ahead rain or shine
  • bring your water bottle
  • dress for outside physical labor and for weather

Who is eligible?
Any MUN student that is registered during the semester that the program is taking place.

How can I apply?

Space is completely filled for the fall semester with more than 100 participants.

Applications are available at the Student Volunteer Bureau or online. Please note your day of preference in the special needs section. Participants are also required to complete a waiver. This waiver will be available closer to the day and will be e-mailed to you. Please note that if you are under 19 years old, you will require a parent or guardian's signature for your waiver.

What is the goal of program?
The primary goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for students to practice responsible citizenship and to offer a hands-on experience that fosters learning outside the classroom.

Why should I participate? What are the benefits for students:
• Engages students in their community
• Expands their network of potential employees
• Broadens their volunteer experience
• Volunteer hours can be used towards VIP requirements
• Reflection aspect gives students insight into such things as community needs, student responsibility, and awareness of social responsibility.
• Each student upon completion of program will receive a letter of verification that can be added to their portfolio


Make Midterm Matter Winter 2009 Featured Article/Update

Make Midterm Matter (MMM), is a community service-learning program at Memorial University of Newfoundland and recipient of the AACUSS Award for Excellence in Student Services (2008), an award given annually for the development of a new initiative beneficial to student life through collaboration between the institution and local community.

Winter 2009 saw the largest number of participants ever for MMM since its conception in Winter 2007 when it had 25 participants. On February 24 and 25, approximately 110 students and staff joined together to take part in this service-learning initiative during midterm break. We are also happy to report that there was no snow storm this year.

MMM was created to offer international and out of province students an opportunity to gain experience and enhance skills through a short-term community service experience. Now, there is a mix of international, out-of-province, and local students who participate in the eight-hour workshop. Students began the day with ice-breakers, presentations by Dr. Wade Locke (Economics) and Dr. Angela Loucks-Atkinson (Human Kinetics and Recreation) two faculty members who shared their volunteer experiences and community-based research initiatives, followed by small and large group discussion activities which enabled students to express their hopes and fears as well as participate in case studies that fostered discussion of community issues and civic responsibility. After lunch, groups completed their community service activity at community agencies. At the end of the day, everyone participated in a reflection activity focusing on social responsibility and skill application. There was a rich discussion and debate seniors and long-term in as compared to and .

Over the two days, 14 community partners participated in the program, including private and public long-term care facilities and a local men’s shelter. Students engaged in friendly visiting with residents and participated in recreational activities such as bowling, a casino event, and a musical program. The general consensus from the reflection and the evaluations confirmed that participants gained valuable experience outside the classroom, learned about additional to become involved and challenged their own notions of civic responsibility. Overall, the program has been a great success! In general students felt that all students at Memorial should have to engage in a service-learning experience. But don’t take our word for it; here are some participants’ quotes from the evaluations:

“The service learning aspect allowed me the opportunity to learn more about what volunteering and what services do for you and people you volunteer for. It was a great day and I recommend that this be mandatory for courses.”

“I realized today just how rewarding volunteering is. All it takes is just a short visit to impact someone’s life. I would love to volunteer again because of the extremely wonderful experience I had.”

“This was a great experience; I wish I had to start doing this earlier in my university career. It’s super important that everyone in university do this to bring social awareness into our community so that we can impact change from the outside.”

“I felt that the case study really prepared for what I was going to be presented with at the long-term care home. Working with the dementia patients was something we had discussed in the case study.”

“Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than giving back to my community. I grow through the services I provide.”

Media stories about MMM:

- Interviewed in weekly news podcast (Feb. 26, edition). Please feel free to take a listen at:

- Story on the university homepage and on


Make Midterm Matter receives Award of Excellence:

AACUSS (Atlantic Association of College and University Student Services) is an association dedicated to supporting excellence in student affairs and services. The AACUSS Award for Excellence in Student Services recognizes an individual or department who demonstrates excellence “through the development of a new initiative beneficial to student life directly or indirectly; through the creative use of human or material resources; or through collaboration between the institution and local community which has enhanced the quality of student life or development. Memorial University‘s Centre for Career Development and Experiential Learning received the award this year for the development of the highly successful Make Midterm Matter program.

What former participants have to say:

"Participating in the Make Midterm Matter Program has significantly enhanced
my experience at Memorial University. I have continued to volunteer with
Seniors because of this positive and rewarding service- learning experience.
I learned a lot about myself, and about the challenges and barriers senior
citizens face on a daily basis. Because of this service learning experience
I fully support and recognize the need for student volunteers in our
communities and in our schools. I highly recommend Make Midterm Matter for
other students

Kayla Oliver
Make Midterm Matter Participant - Fall 2008

Make Midterm Matter has offered me the opportunity to build many skills that will benefit me as I finish my degree and move into the next phase of my life. Through the reflection component of service-learning, I have learned to identify my skills. Now I feel more prepared to apply for further studies and employment. The combination of community service, learning and reflection has augmented my university experience. These skills will help me long into the future, after the details of classes are forgotten”.

Melissa James
Make Midterm Matter Alumni and Past Coordinator - Winter 2008

For more information contact:

Experiential Learning Coordinator
Office: UC-4001A
Phone: (709) 864-2607 |