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Work abroad


What type of work is available?

Nearly any person can find some type of work abroad suited to their particular needs.

Professional opportunities in technical industries, business and education are available. There are many programs that recruit young professionals providing them with work experience that will increase their global awareness, as well as general abilities, within their fields.

Although it would be most ideal to find a job related to educational background or previous experience, these are not requirements for employment abroad. Very often, there are jobs available in short term or seasonal work, i.e. working on a farm during harvest time or working at a restaurant or pub at peak tourist season. Also, jobs that require unskilled labour are often readily available.

Think about it...What do you want to do?

  • Exchange
  • Internship
  • Homestay
  • Teaching position
  • Domestic job
  • Short term/ seasonal work
  • Manual labour
  • Professional opportunity

Where is work available?

There are few limitations to where you can work. Most countries around the world respond well to Canadians interested in immersing themselves in another culture. Canada even has agreements with various countries, such as Australia and the UK, that allow you to acquire a work/ holiday visa (certain conditions apply).

For most countries that accept Canadians there are often restrictions on the type of work and the duration of work. It is important to check visa requirements for your destination country.