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Traveller's checklist


  • Flight info/itinerary
  • Passport:
    • check expiry date (ensure that it is valid for at least 6 months past your scheduled return date)
    • make photocopies (leave one copy with family/friends and one with your stuff, but separate from the original) Letter of Entry (from MUN) – bring this with you on all your travels (if applicable)
  • Register with the Canadian government: Registration of Canadians Abroad ROCA
  • Have your valuables (laptop, camera) identified by Canada Border Services Agency
  • Plan B for each of your arrivals
  • Make copies of all important documents and leave one copy with family/ friends, and one with your belongings, but separate from the original
  • Obtain any required visas before you go


  • Health insurance – bring all documentation/proof of coverage with you
    • MCP out of province coverage certificate
    • Supplementary health insurance
  • Doctor: check-up and vaccinations (Hepatitis A and B)
  • Bring all needed medication & copies of prescriptions (list generic and trade names)
  • Extra pair of glasses or prescription
  • Pack a mini first aid kit (a pain killer, anti-diarrhea tablets, band-aids, soap)


  • Budget
  • Clear out your wallet
    • Bring only what you’ll need overseas (driver’s license, student cards, credit cards, bank card)
    • Make a list of all important documents and phone numbers in case you have to cancel your cards
  • Access to money:
    • Arrive with some local currency, traveller’s cheques, etc.
    • Check with your bank:
      • note currency conversion charges, interest on withdrawls
    • Check with your credit card company to find out if you need a PIN
    • Set up online banking to transfer funds
    • Leave bank details or void cheque with family so they can deposit emergency funds
  • Bringing back goods: receipts for purchases

Country-Specific Research

  • Read the country Travel Report for your destination country on the Consular Affairs
  • Embassy contact info: pack the booklet Bon Voyage, But... in your luggage - it is an invaluable source of contact information and advice- available at

Canadian Consular Services

24/7 emergency service in Ottawa:

call collect: (613) 996-8885

Useful site:

Information and assistance for Canadians abroad:

Bon Voyage!