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Cover letter tips

A cover letter…
  • should always accompany a résumé,
  • provides reasons for the submission of the résumé,
  • adds a personal touch to the résumé submission.

Basic cover letter format

General tips on cover letters

  • Research the company and position
  • Address the needs of the employer in the letter
  • Direct the letter to the individual hiring and spell it correctly
  • Use specific and powerful examples to highlight your strengths and abilities
  • Give clear reasons why they should hire you
  • Do not waste space in repeating a lot of your résumé information
  • Include an enthusiastic summary of why you think you would be a good choice
  • Be concise; keep sentences, phrases, and paragraphs short
  • Limit your letter to a single page
  • Check for grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Format and style your résumé so it is visually appealing and easily readable
  • Be friendly and professional in your letter
  • Remember, your cover letter demonstrates your ability to communicate in writing
  • Do not forget to date your letter
  • Do not forget to sign your letter
  • Always include your address and telephone number
  • never use the exact same cover letter twice
  • Always keep a copy of a cover letter to refer to when preparing for an interview
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