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Career Information for Spouses of International Students

The benefits of working or volunteering for your spouse:

  • Learn more about the city and Newfoundland
  • Earn extra money that can help pay bills
  • Meet people
  • Become aware of where to look for work or activites they can join

Spousal Work Permit:

If you have a valid study or work permit, your spouse may be eligible to work while you are in school.

Click here to apply and get more information about the Spousal Open Work Permit.

Job Search?

Resume: Your spouse needs a resume to work in Canada.

If he or she has questions about content or would just like to have someone review their resume please ask them to email Lynn @

How to look for a job?

Looking for a job in a new country can be stressful. You may not know where to start or where you can work.

Check out these websites, they post part time & full time job openings requiring a variety of skill and education.


This is a great way to meet people, become familiar with St. John's and develop a resume. For more info about on or off campus volunteering please look at the "Student Volunteer Bureau" website.