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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the exams take place?

The testing center is located in The University Center on the 4th floor. Go to the front desk in UC4000 to find your testing room.

We are currently building #11 on the campus map.

Where can I park?

Test takers will need to park at a meter. The metered parking areas are referenced on the above noted map as "MP". We advise students to arrive early, or get dropped off to ensure no extra stress in the morning.

What can I bring with me?

Candidates are permitted to bring snacks, and personal belongings - but they must all be placed in a locker upon check-in. Locker access procedures vary between exams. The Test Centre Administrator on duty can advise you on when you can access your snacks.

Each candidate must have one, government issued, non-expired identification card with a signature to be admitted. The ID must identically match the name you register online with.

***Take great care when registering! – Ensure you use the first name on your ID – not your middle name or your nickname. Any student not following these rules (explained online as well) will have to be turned away due to testing procedures***

What time should I arrive?

Each testing center asks that you arrive half an hour before your appointment time. This helps make check in much smoother and allows time for any issues that may arise.

What happens on a Stormy Day?

We make every effort to decide if we will close by 3pm the day before the forecasted weather. Candidates will then be contacted by the corresponding test center to reschedule their exam.

Weather in Newfoundland can be unpredictable.  Some storms may surprise us and be worse than expected. In this situation, please note testing is closed if Memorial University is closed. This also applies to power outages and water issues. Candidates will be contacted to be rescheduled in these situations as well.

How can I receive Testing Accommodations?

Each testing center we provide services for have testing accommodations option available to enable candidates, regardless of a recognized need or challenge, an equal and fair chance to sit for an exam. To find out more about this service, you will need to contact your corresponding center and they will get in contact with us to assist with providing the accommodation.