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Graduate Student Work Experience Program

The Graduate Student Work Experience Program (GradSWEP) provides Memorial's graduate students with the opportunity to participate in 75-hour job placements, paid at the prevailing graduate student rate, currently $21.15 per hour. Placements provide relevant career experience in the student's area of study, connect the student with a community organization for all or part of their hours worked and are overseen by a Memorial faculty or staff supervisor. The program is administered from the Centre for Career Development and all positions are posted on this site, generally during the second full week of classes each semester.

 Spring 2014

Available GradSWEP positions for Spring 2014 will be posted via My MUNLife from May 12 - 16, 2014. (Application instructions are provided below.) 



Student Basics:

  • GradSWEP positions are open to currently registered full-time graduate students.

  • GradSWEP positions are for 75 hours and are paid at the prevailing graduate student rate. Students must submit hours on a weekly basis to their employer or the employing department. The Centre for Career Development is not responsible for the issuing of cheques or submission of hours to payroll.

  • Students may hold a maximum of 2 GradSWEP positions in a semester. They may also hold a GradSWEP in conjunction with other forms of University funding (e.g., TA or RA), as long as their combined hours worked per week do not exceed the maximum allowable as defined by the School of Graduate Studies (currently 24 hours per week).


How do I apply for a GradSWEP position?

To view and apply for GradSWEP job postings please visit your My MUNLife account pages. To do follow these steps:

1) Go to and login
2) Click the "Student" link near the top of the page.
3) Click the "My MUNLife" button in the "Student Services" box.
4) Once there, click on "CAREER"
5) Click the "GradSWEP" tab
6) Please make sure you complete a GradSWEP agreement form before you view the jobs.

For more information please contact Kyle Hickey at kyle.hickey at or call 864-2664.