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Student Work and Service Program

Winter Semester Deadline:  January 13, 2015



The Student Work and Service Program (SWASP) began in 1995 with funding made available by the provincial and federal governments. This program was designed to help reduce the debt load of student parents, and to offer a valuable work opportunity where learned skills could be put to use, and new ones strengthened. Since its inception, SWASP has provided approximately 2,000 on-campus employment opportunities for Memorial University students. A recent addition to this employment program is the newly adopted experiential component. This component will benefit students immensely in the future through in-depth reflection of their skills and tasks.


Benefit to sponsors:

  1. Sponsorship of a student requires no monetary commitment from the sponsor or department
  2. You, as a sponsor, gain a valuable employee who is eager and capable of working in the specific area
  3. You provide an opportunity for the student to gain work experience which is applicable to his/her program of student and career objectives
  4. You provide an opportunity for the student to network and to strengthen and develop skills.


How can I apply to be a SWASP sponsor?

This program is student driven. The onus is on the student to secure a career related on campus work experience. Positions are restriced to employment within Memorial University. As a sponsor, you will provide supervision and verificiation of the students hours. There is no departmental cost associated with this program - all funding is provided by the external grant. There is no exchange of a FOAPAL nor do you need to contact Human Resources Payroll. Because it is an external grant, the student will receive a tution voucher and a stipend. This is set up between the student, program coordinator, and financial services. As a sponsor, you did not need to take care of any of the financial aspects.

The Student must complete an application for the SWASP program and the Sponsor must complete a Sponsor Form. This form is available at the Centre for Career Development (UC-4002), and on our website. All sections of the application must be completed. Incorrect or missing information could impact the selection process.