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Referring students

The Centre for Career Development helps students and alumni to explore their career options; provides employment programs that will give students practical, hands-on experience in their area of career interest, and connects students and alumni with employers and job opportunities in their career search.

Here are examples of career-related questions that students may pose in discussions with you, which will prompt a referral on your behalf:

I am unclear about my career interests and what I want to do, who should I talk to?
Students who are confused about their career interests and goals should be referred to the Counselling Centre. The Counselling Centre facilitates a Career Planning Group, which takes students through a self-assessment to determine individual values, interests, and abilities. All students are welcome to attend, however they must register in advance by calling the Counselling Centre at 864-8874.

How can I learn more about occupational options?
The Centre for Career Development offers a comfortable "chapters-like" environment where students and alumni can browse hard-copy resources at their leisure, as well as take advantage of modern computers to access career-related resources through the Internet. Students and alumni can sign on to Career Cruising, which is an an online career resource providing access to hundreds of job profiles and multi-media interviews from individuals in the field.

How do I get career-related experience?
The Centre for Career Development offers on campus employment opportunities through programs such as MUCEP, SWASP, or Canada Summer Jobs. All off-campus jobs are posted on our website. The Student Volunteer Bureau offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities both on and off campus.

Employment or graduate school? Which is for me?
It depends upon individual qualifications, motivation, energy, and money. An investment in graduate or professional school is beneficial or makes sense if the student wants to move into a career that requires or at least values an advanced degree. This will vary by field, as some employers are much more interested in experience and personal traits than they are in a master’s or doctorate degree. Students can further discuss this occupational decision with a career advisor at the Centre for Career Development.

I would like to pursue graduate studies, how can I learn more about specific graduate programs?
The Centre for Career Development receives hard-copy university calendars from many Canadian Universities and literature about entrance examinations for professional schools and graduate programs. The online career resource, Career Cruising, also provides access to information on programs in all Canadian universities. Students are encouraged to attend information sessions and graduate school fairs. For further information see our calendar of events.

Can I get help preparing a résumé or CV?
Each semester the Centre for Career Development offers workshops on résumé and CV preparation, as outlined in our calendar of events. Students are also welcome to pick up a copy of our résumé or CV guide at the front desk of the Centre or browse through our hard-copy resources, as well as those available online. Staff at the Centre critique résumés and CVs daily. Leave your document with us, we'll review it and contact you when it is ready for pick up.

How can I network with professionals in my field?
Networking is all about connecting with people who can give you job search advice, job leads and other valuable career information. Students are encouraged to attend our networking workshop, listed in our calendar of events or to visit a career advisor.