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Previous Make Midterm Matter Events

October 2012

MI Ocean Net Beach Clean-Up
The Autism Society Garden Extension
Thrive-Community Youth Network's Baking Project

June 2012

Rainbow Riders
Beagle Paws
Pippy Park


Spring 2011 Event:

Tree of Life Eco-Community




Winter 2010

Long-Term Care Facilities.

Fall 2010

Community Garden-MUN

Spring 2009

This event involved 10 participants in collaboration with Friends of Pippy Park and the Pippy Park Commission to identify potential park areas for future agricultural use. All involved in this project benefited from the opportunity to enhance skills such as Team Work; Leadership, and Communication. In addition, participants gained practical knowledge of soil sampling, surveying, and understanding conditions conducive to agricultural success. Volunteers became aware of safe and effective practices to improve local food security.