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Participant Feedback

Make Midterm Matter has offered me the opportunity to build many skills that will benefit me as I finish my degree and move into the next phase of my life. Through the reflection component of service-learning, I have learned to identify my skills. Now I feel more prepared to apply for further studies and employment. The combination of community service, learning and reflection has augmented my university experience. These skills will help me long into the future, after the details of classes are forgotten”.

Melissa James
Make Midterm Matter Alumni and Past Coordinator - Winter 2008

What participants have learned about themselves

  • "How much I enjoy giving my time to others"
  • "I am able to adapt well to different situations"
  • "I can relate and work well with people from a variety of backgrounds"
  • "I can easily help other people enjoy their time... you would be amazed at how they enjoy simple talents"
  • "I have the ability to help others enjoy life"
  • "I have the strength, willingness, ability and a chance to positively impact people’s lives...I just did that"

Terms participants used to describe Make Midterm Matter

  • Enlightening
  • Educational
  • Fun
  • Amazing
  • Interesting
  • Wonderful Experience
  • Different
  • Awesome