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Memorial Undergraduate Career Experience Program

What is MUCEP?

Memorial's Undergraduate Career Experience Program (MUCEP) is an on-campus employment program for undergraduate students aimed at providing job experience. It includes an integrated experiential component to document learning.

How can I apply for a MUCEP student?

Once a year, usually end of February, each Memorial department and affiliate will receive a memo from Career Development and Experiential Learning (CDEL) soliciting applications for MUCEP positions for the upcoming year. Details surrounding the application process will be provided at this time. The CDEL will assess the applications and applicants will be notified of their status prior to the start of the spring semester. Please refer to the MUCEP Funding Evaluation Criteria.

Applications for MUCEP Grants 2014-15 have been distributed via internal mail. Please check with your Dean, Director or Department Head for a MUCEP Funding Request form and the guidelines and evaluation criteria. Deadline for submittal of all funding requests to Career Development is March 5. For additional forms, please contact

When are jobs posted?

MUCEP Week takes place the first full week of classes each semester. During this time, the CDEL will post available positions to students on its website, collect and forward resumes, via email, to the hiring departments and affiliates.



If you did not find a suitable candidate during MUCEP week, please contact and request to have your MUCEP grant reposted. Please reference your grant number. Resumes will be fowarded as we receive them and the MUCEP position will remain posted until the grant holder notifies CDEL to remove.


Number of
number of hours
Funding provided
to students
1 80 $1053
1 40 $527
2 40 each $1053


Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a MUCEP position:

  • be an undergraduate student
  • be registered in at least 3 three credit courses (1 three credit course in summer)
  • have at least a 60% cumulative average or a 60% average in the last 10 courses (note: first year students can apply because they would have meet the criteria of 60% cumulative average. The admission requirement to MUN is 70%).

  • Agree to hold only 80 MUCEP hours each semester. They can complete those hours the following ways during the semester:
    • one 80 hour position ($1053)
    • one 40 hour position ($527)
    • two 40 hour positions ($527 each)

Contact us:

For further information, please contact Kathleen Wall at (709) 864-3445 or or visit Career Development and Experiential Learning UC-4002.