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Reflection sessions

We can facilitate reflection sessions in your classroom, leadership programs, community service events or other projects whereby reflection is required. We can also help you design reflection activities so that you can lead the session. Our Centre has a variety of reflective tools available to best suit the needs of the learner.

Reflection is a unique way for students to:

  • Link their classroom experience to future work and career opportunities
  • Recognize the transferable skills required by employers and organizations (cover letters, résumés, interviews and job search)
  • Recognize the out-of-class learning that has occurred from an experiential opportunity
  • Discuss community and cultural values, differences and how they enhanced and challenged student learning about self, community, and future employment and career experiences
  • Learn from their peers

Reflection can be facilitated in an interactive, fun learning style that enables students to share experiences, learn about the community, and how to connect skills and competencies gained in the classroom to practical experiences in the community.

Most important reflection is a unique opportunity to connect with today's students who are interested in interactive learning activities.

Please contact Penny Cofield at or 864-2607 to obtain more information or to have Penny lead a reflective activity in your classroom.