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Co-curricular Experiential Learning


Faculty and staff are encouraged to engage in co-curricular experiential learning initiatives with their students. Career Development and Experiential Learning staff are available to assist.

Why engage in co-curricular experiential learning?

Co-curricular learning experiences are an excellent way to interact with students outside the class, serve the community and get involved at Memorial. The student learning experience is more enriched when faculty and staff are involved. Community service-learning experiences also can help you engage in community-based research.


Community Service-Learning Day

As a key event for I ♥ MUNdays, this annual event encourages students, faculty and staff to serve their community through environmental projects. This year projects will involve beach clean-ups, tree and bulb planting and other environmental clean-up projects to make our environment a cleaner, greener place to live. This event is an excellent way to interact with students outside the classroom and serve the community. Faculty and staff are also needed to facilitate reflection for participants. The event will be followed by a BBQ and the Closing Ceremonies for MUNdays. Pull up your sleeves and get involved. Together we can make a difference.

Make Midterm Matter

Make Midterm Matter is a co-curricular service-learning program that runs each semester at Memorial University. It offers students an opportunity to spend a day of their break giving back to various organizations in the community. Throughout the day, students get to know one another, develop team-building skills, reflect on their experiences. This reflective component enables students a chance to dialogue on questions that arise out of their volunteer experience, consider how the partner organization contributes to capacity-building, and the various ways in which students effect change within their communities.
Make Midterm Matter
Photo by Melissa James