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Pippy Park is one of Memorial University's oldest community partners and again for Community Service-Learning Day Fall 2011 they partnered with CDEL to provide a venue and project for MUN students to volunteer. Students spent 2 hours planting baby seedlings of 3 species all around the Park's Campground to replenish dying trees on a beautiful October morning before a provided lunch, afternoon presentations and reflection activities.

Overall students, faculty and staff took part in :

  • Restoring the habitat by planting young seedlings through the campground in the park
  • Cleaning and tending to one of Canada's largest natural spaces
  • Learning about the park, the natural environment, our (human) impact on the global environment the importance of preserving our natural landscape

""I absolutely loved being outside and having the opportunity to help our environment" - Testimonial

"This experience put things in perspective and really showed me how to go out and get involved. To really see with your own eyes what is going on and get a hands on personal experience. Thanks for the opportunity to let us make a difference. I had so much fun!" - Testimonial

"it's given me an opportunity to get into my community and help make our earth better" - Testimonial

"The work we did today has long-lasting, tangible effects on the environment" - Testimonial