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International Experiential Learning Institute (IELI)

May 21 - 23, 2014
Memorial University • Newfoundland, Canada

A Message From Our Scholar In Residence:

A Focus on Student Leadership and Experiential Learning

Dear IELI Participant,
What fun we will have exploring student leadership development and experiential learning. The work you do in campus activities, service, recreation, intramurals, outdoor programs, clubs and organizations, advising fraternities and sororities and so many more other settings are perfect contexts for developing leadership efficacy and leadership capacity in college students.

This Institute is designed to sequence a depth and breath of learning about both student leadership and experiential learning.

You should download the materials for each of the five units I will be facilitating to review prior to your arrival in Newfoundland. You keep them as pdfs on your computer or download them to read on the plane.

You will leave IELI with many useful resources to continue your exploration of the knowledge and application of experiential learning principles to student leadership development.

Feel free to bring resources with you to share if you currently have intentional elements of leadership outcomes in your programs for students and student employees.

See you soon,
Susan Komives

Information on the five sessions:

Duggan Komives Theory
Klobs Learning Styles
Fink Idea Paper

MSL Report 2007
MSL Report 2012

Avolio Hannah 2008 developmental readiness
LIDchapterin EL2


Komives Smedick on Standards
ILA Guiding Questions Final
Dugan Ldr Assess NDSS
MSL IS Publication FINAL

Other Resources:
True Cases

PowerPoint Presentations from Susan Komives DropBox: (Click "Open", and then click "Cancel" if prompted for credentials)
1-NACA-NIRSA theory
3-NACA-NIRSA Dev Readiness LID
5-NACA-NIRSA Standards-Programs

PowerPoints:  (Click "Open", and then click "Cancel" if prompted for credentials)
Closing the Assessment Loop 
Experiential Learning Competencies
IELI Learning Outcomes Presentation 2014
IELI Presentation 2014 Community Faculty Partnerships