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Community Partner Project Opportunities

Here is where we display all potential community projects that are ready to be taken on in collaboration with the right group of volunteers. If any of the following possible community projects are a fit for you or your group please contact us at the Career Development & Experiential Learning Office:

Identification of best practices for regional development
A project is needed that looks at the past work of Regional Economic Development Boards, Municipalities, and other bodies to see what they have done for economic development. Identification of best practices in successful initiatives is needed so that people will know what has worked in the past so this can continue into the future. Lessons could be drawn from both inside and outside the province.

Inventory of successful programs & initiatives in terms of healthy eating and food security
There is a need for an inventory of successful programs promoting healthy living and eating in rural areas. There are a lot of bad news stories that we have heard about, but we rarely hear and have opportunities to share good stories. There is a certain kind of stigma attached to 'healthy' living and successful programs could help communities get around some of those barriers.

Engaging youth who need services
How to reach youth in need of health prevention services in terms of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle programs that are available but underutilized? Is there a way to provide meaningful incentives and provide sufficient funding for such programs in rural areas? Are there successful examples in the province and or other jurisdictions? How do we engage youth that are disengaged now but need the services?

Best practices for succession planning in resource based economies
Are there examples of best practices in national/provincial succession planning for resource based economies? How will the province transition from an economy based largely on non-renewable resources to a new economy? Can this be a smooth transition, aided by a strategic plan? Have others created strategic plans for the future that we could look to?

Mapping a multi-use trail that encircles the Burin Peninsula
This trail map would be developed in order to identify the natural features that are of interest and/or need to be preserved, while it would also link the trail into services in the area. The Burin Peninsula Trailway Board is developing a multi-use trail network on the Burin Peninsula for ATV, snowmobile, skiers and hikers. This trail is pending environmental approval because all of the proposed trail, including undeveloped portions in remote areas, has not been accurately mapped with biology, geography, topography, etc. The development of such a map could help extend the tourism season.

The advantages and disadvantages of concrete roads versus asphalt roads
Seasonal conditions, safety, impact of tires, and feasibility, among other factors, should be taken into consideration when new road construction is being planned. In other areas, concrete roads are used instead of asphalt, and there have been many advantages of using this material. A study should be completed to see if concrete is a more suitable material for road use in this area, rather than ashphalt.

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