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Community Service-Learning Events

The students of Memorial University have participated in a wide variety of activities with the goal of giving back to the community. From assisting in senior's homes, teaching and educating children, visiting shelters, and maybe even getting their hands dirty on some work projects, our students always have a lot of fun while learning!

Take a look at some of the projects that MUN students have taken part in!

Long Term Care

Students served seniors in their community by visiting long term care facilities and interacting and participating in various activities and events with the residents. The students played games with the residents and other things like learn how to bake cookies!


"Healthy Living Day"

Students partnered with the works to facilitate fun and educational activities with children from grades K-6. The activities of the day focused on Healthy Living

SA Wiseman Centre

The men of this residence were forced to seek emergency shelter at the centre because, for whatever reason, they lost their homes. Our students had an afternoon coffee day with some former residents of the centre, allowing them gain the perspective of an individual who had lost his home. The former residents found the experience extremely valuable, mostly due to the students' enthusiasm to lend an ear and a helping hand!

"I learnt that stereotyping (for example, homeless men) is wrong. Although I was somewhat nervous at first, I quickly learned that these men [at the SA Wiseman centre] were really genuine and nice. You shouldn't make judgments without the proper knowledge or experience"

"I felt really good and like I was achieving something I wouldn't normally have a chance to do. It was surprising of how warm and accepting everyone was."

– Students at the SA Wiseman Centre

Community Garden

As part of the "food security theme" of Make Midterm Matter, students got their hands dirty to help construct a community food garden that would allow groups and individuals from the community to grow their own vegetables!

Community Garden1

Easter Seals

In collaboration with Easter Seals, our university students worked together to participate in fun activities with children who have disabilities. The children had fun, and the students gained valuable experience interacting with children and the disabled.

"Even though [the children] do have special needs, they really aren't and don't deserve to be treated different."

-Student working with the Easter Seals

Tree of Life

Memorial University Students participated in a unique opportunity to work with an eco-community! This community works to be as ecologically sustainable as possible and our students helped by moving earth, mossing a stream, making a trail, moving logs and helping to dig out a foundation to a new building. Students were also exposed to different views about how one should treat the earth, and they were also given a lesson in yoga too!