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Community Service-Learning Day

As a key event for I ♥ MUNdays, this annual event encourages students, faculty and staff to serve their community through environmental projects. This year projects will involve beach clean-ups, tree and bulb planting and other environmental clean-up projects to make our environment a cleaner, greener place to live. This event is an excellent way to interact with students outside the classroom and serve the community. Faculty and staff are also needed to facilitate reflection for participants. The event will be followed by a BBQ and the Closing Ceremonies for MUNdays. Pull up your sleeves and get involved. Together we can make a difference.

Community Service-Learning (CSL) Day encourages students, faculty and staff to get involved in community projects (both on and off campus), providing an excellent way to interact with one another outside the classroom and serve the community in a fun and participatory way.

Join hundreds of students for the annual Community Service-Learning Day this October 22, 2011. The day will consist of a Street Reach Community Lunch and events at the United Church on Gower Street, downtown St. John's.

What a Great Day!! The weather was just perfect and the volunteers were ready, willing and able to give back -armed with shovels, personal care items and cowbells! CSL Day 2012 saw over 100 students, faculty and staff giving back to their community through outreach, community meal sharing, environmental work, animal care and many other projects needed by our organizational partners. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the volunteers and participants in this wonderful community building event

Check back soon for details on Fall 2013 CSL Day event.

CSL Day Pippy Park