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Located in the beautiful green space behind Queen's College at MUN's St. John's campus, the Community Food Garden is a beautiful, natural space to grow organic food, work together and enjoy the outside with fellow community members. On a gorgeous October morning, Community Service-Learning Day participants literally dug into the Garden and helped create a new garden bed that will expand the Community Garden and allow the overall community to grow, alongside the plants and vegetables. The group then enjoyed a warm, provided lunch and participated in interactive and enjoyable afternoon presentations, videos and reflection activities.

Overall students and staff took part in:

  • Adding soil, compost and newspapers to new garden beds
  • Weeding, mulching, harvesting and end of season clean-up to the new and existing garden beds
  • Learning about food security, sustainability, and other important community and gardening issues


"The smallest action can make the biggest difference." - Testimonial

"This raised my concern about environmental awareness and also kindness to the environment." - Testimonial

"This experience not only helped me for my career such as communication and interpersonal skills, but also let me know the responsibility that I have to our environment and society" - Testimonial