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The Graduate Transition to Employment Program (GTEP) is coordinated through Career Development and Experiential Learning at Memorial University and funded by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

What is GTEP?

GTEP is an incentive for employers in Newfoundland and Labrador to hire Memorial University graduates. The GTEP provides $12,500 of the starting salary of an approved position for a period of 52 weeks. As well, a $500 stipend is available for the graduate for professional development or training.Through the services of Career Development and Experiential Learning, this program allows employers the ability to connect with a Memorial University graduate of interest who is eligible for the subsidy.

How can Employers utilize GTEP?

Graduates are commonly responsible for approaching employers of interest and promoting GTEP as a sales tool to garner full time career related employment.

However, for those employers who want to utilize GTEP but do not have a graduate in mind, the Centre for Career Development will post a job(s) under GTEP on their behalf. If you would like to post a job please contact Danielle Jackson at

Which Employer are eligible?

Employers/organizations in the "Private Sector" (includes Not for Profits) within Newfoundland and Labrador are eligible to avail of GTEP funding. Federal/Provincial government departments and agencies are not eligible. Employer must also be willing to match the GTEP contribution which equals $12,500.

Which graduates are eligible?

All Memorial University graduates who have successfully completed a post-secondary program(minimum duration of one academic year) and are currently unemployed or underemployed(ie. working less than 20 hrs./week or not in an area related to their field of study); and are not an immediate family member of the employer. This includes Memorial graduates from the main campus in St. John's, the Marine Institute, and the Sir Wilfred Grenfell campus in Corner Brook.

How does an Employer apply?

If an employer connects with a Memorial University graduate and is interested in hiring him/her under this program for 52 weeks, then:

1. the employer must complete an Employer Application Form (please note changes to the application form effective May 17th, 2011).


2. the graduate must complete a Graduate Application Form (please note changes to the application form effective May 17th, 2011)

These two application forms must be submitted together as a complete application. Applications can be faxed to Patricia Poirier or Danielle Pollett at (709) 864-2437.

Once a completed application has been reviewed by the GTEP Committee, both the employer and graduate will be contacted regarding the status of the application.

Employment cannot commence until the full application has been received and approved.

For more information on GTEP please contact:
Danielle Jackson
Employer Development Coordinator
Phone: (709) 864-8690 / E-mail: djackson at