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Make Midterm Matter Summer 2016


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Completing a level in the Volunteer Incentive Program? 

Check out the October 2016 Reflection Session (VIP Lounge Meeting) schedule - or view the November 2016 Reflection Session schedule here!

To complete a level, simply complete the following three steps:

1. Register for your VIP level(s). (After Sept. 30, contact the office in person or by email for late registration)

2. Do the work on your own time.

3. Submit all required paperwork before the last day of classes (Friday, December 2nd at 12pm).

NEW: Stay on track with our checklists for VIP Bronze and Silver Levels!

Read the VIP Handbook here. 


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The SVB is open Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm.

You can find us in UC-3011, right beside the food court!


For more information contact:

Meagan Campbell
Coordinator, Student Volunteer Bureau
UC-3011 | Memorial University of Newfoundland
(709) 864-4301 |