The VIP Program

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How do I take part in the VIP Program?

  1. Register online for Bronze, Silver, and/or Gold at before the registration deadline (September 29th for Fall 2017). Note you need to start from the first level which is Bronze. 
  2. Complete the work on your own time during the semester you're applying.
  3. Submit the forms by 4pm on the last day of classes! (December 1st, 2017)

Who it’s for:

VIP stands for Volunteer Incentive Program. The VIP Program is a multi-level program open to all Memorial students who want to take responsibility for their own growth and development as thriving individuals.

You don’t have to be a superstar or a saint, you just have to be willing to show up and take an interest in bettering yourself!

How it works:

At every level, the VIP Program requirements are organized into three categories – GIVE, GROW, andGAIN – which represent the three pillars of the program: Volunteer Service, Career Development, and Self-Awareness.

Everyone starts by working toward their Bronze Level, which is designed to be achievable by any student. Once you’ve completed Bronze, you can move on to Silver if you like – and, if you really love volunteering, you can tackle Gold and even Platinum! – but even earning one VIP Level will help you make progress toward your goals.


Learn about each level's specific requirements:

Looking to print VIP forms? Check out our Quick Prints page!


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