GROW: Professional Development


This is your chance to learn from other leaders! We believe every MUN student should aim to become a lifelong learner, and professional development is a great tool for achieving that.

What counts as Professional Development?

Basically, we consider an activity professional development as long as you are learning something that will help you grow and develop in some way. The person facilitating the session generally has some level of expertise that they are sharing with you.

What are some ways to fulfill this requirement?

If your volunteer position involves a training session, that’s one of the most common ways to satisfy the personal/professional development requirement – but there are many other ways!

We often recommend the career-related workshops offered by Career Development & Experiential Learning (CDEL), on the fourth floor of the University Centre. However, feel free to pursue anything that interests you: a public academic lecture at the university, a community-organized information session, a free tutorial from the library about Microsoft Office or Adobe products – the options are endless!

If you're unsure about a particular opportunity, always check with the SVB.

How do I keep track of my hours?

For the VIP Program, there is a specific Personal/Professional Development Form. It needs to be completed by you and signed by someone who can verify your attendance at the session.

Click here for a VIP Professional Development Form!

Want to know how many hours you need? It depends on what level you're completing! Check out the pages for Bronze, Silver, Gold, and/or Platinum for each level's specific requirements.


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