GAIN: Self-Awareness


This is the part of the program where you learn more about yourself and your role in the community! We believe every MUN student has unique strengths they can contribute to their communities.

What is involved in this component of the VIP Program?

For GIVE (Volunteer Service) and GROW (Professional Development), students can complete the program requirements however they choose. The GAIN (Self Awareness) component of the VIP Program is administered by us, the SVB!

There are different requirements at each level, but the main feature of this program component are the SVB ThinkTanks.

What is an SVB ThinkTank?

Formerly known as Reflection Sessions, an SVB ThinkTank is a chance for you to get together with other program participants and take part in lively discussion! Research shows this is an important part of the experiential learning cycle.

SVB ThinkTanks are hosted by VIP Platinum Participants, who have been through the other levels and are ready to take a leadership role within the VIP Program. 

Each participant only needs to attend one ThinkTank for each level they complete. Platinum Participants need to host two ThinkTanks as part of their program requirements.

How do I attend an SVB ThinkTank?

They are scheduled by the SVB and take place at various times on campus after the first month of the semester. Attendance is recorded & submitted to the SVB, so no forms are needed.

Click here for the SVB ThinkTank schedule for February 2017!

Click here for the SVB ThinkTank schedule for March 2017!

*If you can't find a ThinkTank that fits your schedule, please contact the SVB.

What are the other requirements of this component?

At the Bronze and Silver Levels participants need to complete a Self Inventory, which is done via email. We send an invitation to the email address you registered with, and there are two parts (one done near the beginning of the semester, and one near the end).

At the Gold Level, students need to solicit a reference letter from someone who can speak about their volunteerism; the letter should comment on the participant’s leadership skills and community involvement.

Note: Self-inventories will not be distributed for the Winter 2017 semester. Don't worry, you'll still get your level!

Want to know how many hours you need? It depends on what level you're completing! Check out the pages for Bronze, Silver, Gold, and/or Platinum for each level's specific requirements.


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