Into the Spotlight: A Conversation about Being a Public Academic


Public scholarship can have a powerful impact.

Whether it is supporting informed public discourse in the media (or social media, perhaps!) or becoming known as someone that community members and organizations feel comfortable reaching out to for help and collaboration, this type of publicly engaged work can help bridge the gap between universities and their communities.

Often this leads to meaningful and impactful outcomes, but it can also mean that some researchers find themselves in the spotlight, with both their research, and themselves, exposed to situations that go well beyond traditional concepts of academic work.

What are the risks and the rewards of public scholarship?


Dr. Isabelle Dostaler, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration 


Dr. Sobia Shaikh, Assistant Professor,  School of Social Work

Dr. Rod Russell, Professor of Virology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Rose Ricciardelli, Research Chair in Safety, Security and Wellness, School of Maritime Studies, Marine Institute

Dr. John Bodner, (Social Cultural Studies, Grenfell Campus)