Connecting with the Community - MUN and the Home Share NL Pilot Project

Presenters: Andrew Harvey - Home Share NL, Patrick King - MUN Off-Campus Housing Office, Dr. Gail Wideman - MUN School of Social Work

We will discuss the background of Home Share NL and how the impetus for the program came from the community. When several dedicated volunteers began carrying the idea forward Memorial, along with a host of community and government partners came on board. 4 years later we now are wrapping up our 2-year pilot project which reaches nearly every area of MUN.

Patrick King, from the Off-Campus Housing Office sits on the advisory committee and refers students to Home Share NL. Dr. Gail Wideman is conducting the evaluation for the program, providing an opportunity for a MSW student to conduct research for her thesis. Dozens of students from both MUN and MI have found a place to live, sometimes with faculty or staff of MUN!

Home Share NL represents one of the many ways Memorial University is meeting the identified needs of the community while benefiting students, faculty, staff and alumni!