Visiting Speakers

BioMedicine Symposium 2022 Speakers


  Dr. Linda Chelico

Professor Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology
College of Medicine
University of Saskatchewan

From their home page: Our lab has two main projects that examine the host intrinsic immunity to HIV-1 infection and the origins of mutations in cancer cells. These seemingly disparate topics are unified by the enzyme family involved in both processes, the APOBEC3 family of deoxycytidine deaminases.”

  Dr. Lara Boyd

Director, Brain Behaviour Laboratory, UBC

From their home page:  Dr. Lara Boyd, is a Peter Wall Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies Scholar, physical therapist and neuroscientist who is leading the effort to understand what therapies positively alter patterns of brain activity after stroke. Her group uses a combination of functional magnetic resonance imaging and transcranial magnetic stimulation to map changes in brain activity. Her studies are among the first to comprehensively examine the patterns of brain activation as they relate to motor learning and parameters of practice after stroke. Please visit the Brain Behavior Laboratory website for more information.