How To Start A Business

MCE is one of the first stops for anyone at Memorial thinking about starting a business. We compiled this list of resources, many of which are coming from StartupRocket; a platform you should definitely check out! We’ve organized everything conveniently by stage of startup, because you don’t really need to think about growth planning before you even validate whether or not the idea is worth pursuing.


General Resources and Frameworks


The Lean Startup

Zero to One

Four Step to the Epiphany



This Week in Startups

Product Hunt’s list of 20 Great Startup Podcats

How I Built This

Masters of Scale

The Pitch



The Lean Model Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas

Startup dictionary!



Techstars Entrepreneur's Toolkit



The Idea

How to generate startup ideas

Brainstorming for New Startup Ideas: A Framework to Spur Creative Thinking

How to Start a Startup 

Get inspiration from other entrepreneurs at Indie Hackers



How to Start a Startup


Overview Statement 

How to boil down vision and mission into an overview statement for your new business


The Market

How to evaluate a market for your potential startup

How can a startup company best evaluate market size and find the market data?

Surplus > Volume

Bloomberg Terminals


Customer Personas

How to identify “ideal” early customers 

How to Create Detailed Buyer Personas for Your Business 

Customer Segmentation



Your Team

How to compose a co-founder team

Team and Execution

How to find a co-founder

What a CEO Does


Surveys & Interviews

How to maximize learning from pre-launch customer surveys and interviews

Validating your Decisions Using Surveys

How to Interview your Customers



How (and when) to select advisors for your new venture

Startup Advisors – When, Who and How

How to Score an Advisor When Your Startup Has No Money



How to conduct free and low-cost experiments to validate your new business idea

The Lean Startup / Principles

10 Experiments to Test Your Startup Hypothesis


Prospecting Tools



LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Adobe XD

RingCentral (helps with International calling)


Getting a Company Email Address from Google

Setting Up a Website with Squarespace

Receive Online Payments with Stripe

Look for Further Assistance with Further Tasks with Fiverr

Get essays on how to "move the masses" with GrowthSupply 


Hacker News


Python and Flask Bootcamp: Create Websites using Flask!